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There is a new way of business emerging, a way that has swapped competition for collaboration and put people before profits. We're seeing a shift away from a linear model towards a circular and shared economy.

Join us to explore not only the future of business but also the present landscape.​

A change in our mindset will create changes in the way we approach business. Seeing the challenges as opportunities is necessary in today's world.

As consumers we will learn how to make informed decisions when it comes to supporting conscious businesses.


Conscious Action events are a space to connect with like-minded people, collaborate to come up with inspiring ideas, and celebrate what we are already contributing to the collective.

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How to get to GridAKL?


You could consider this as the preferred option of getting to the event. If anyone is interested in the Walking Bus, keep an eye on the Facebook event page.


By public transport
Check on google maps to see which bus or train can deliver you to the event

By car
Alright you cool conscious people - let's try to reduce our event footprint by carpooling! Use the Facebook event page to tell us if you intend to drive, and where from, and perhaps others in your area can join you!


Note that there is some street parking, but being the Viaduct, make sure that you leave enough time to find a spot on the street or a nearby Car park.

23 March 6:30pm 


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