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It's time to come together as a conscious community

to raise awareness and inspire action

to make meaningful changes in our life

and to have a positive impact in the world

That's why we are here


upcoming events

Silent Disco city clean up FB event cove

19.12 Henderson


Silent disco clean up is our way to show that activities we tend

to avoid or see as dirty job could be fun and brings joy, not only to us, but to everyone around us. 

Let's show nature, that we care. Come to Henderson, listen to a great music and make changes

Developing relaxation.png

19.12 Henderson


In the stressful times like this we all need to learn how to relax properly, that's something people should learn at schools.

at your workplace

get involved

Interested in a bespoke Conscious Action event for your organisation 

or hosting us as guest speakers?

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date with our next events.

You are awesome!


what we do


bringing like-minded people together


to come up with inspiring ways to live more consciously


of the impact of individuals, and their contributions to the collective


respecting everyone's place on their own unique path 


"Conscious Action events leave you feeling complete and motivated by the knowledge you learn in them.
Their emphasis is on education and discussion which leads to manageable actions, so instead of feeling overwhelmed after their events you feel calm and balanced.
I couldn't recommend Conscious Action events more!"

– Antonia Morris, events attendee

stay with us and Listen


We're podcasting to raise awareness and inspire meaningful action and we can’t wait to bring you stories, knowledge,
and conversations with thought leaders and change-makers.

We explore topics that range from sustainability to well-being 
and everything related to conscious living and we’re looking forward to bringing you these conversations during these challenging times. 


conscious action reusable cups 



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You are awesome!

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