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Climate actions and money with Karen Swainson

On this episode we talk with Karen Swainson, a mother concerned about her children’s future who uses her corporate and NGO experience to work with organisations who can lead us into an environmentally sustainable and socially just future.

We explore climate change, the Drawdown project, taking action, understanding that the solutions that we need already exist, the crazy amount of food waste, volunteering for what ones believes in, focusing on social justice as climate action, making money a force for good and impact investment.

Karen talks about her upbringing in the UK, traveling around the world, doing a Pachamama Alliance workshop that was the catalyst for her to change her perspective, the financial benefits of changing direction with climate solutions, raising her children as eco-warriors, doing volunteering work for 350 Aotearoa, being a pro-activist, building a movement to switch where money is being invested in through Mindful Money, and giving people hope and optimism.

For more about Karen's work follow Mindful Money on Facebook, Instagram and https://mindfulmoney.nz/, The Pachamama Alliance Aotearoa on Facebook and https://www.pachamama-nz.org/.

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