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Reconnecting, reimagining & healing the collective with Hector Aristizábal

On this episode we talk with Hector Aristizábal, theatre-activist and artistic director of ImaginAction, a psychotherapist who developed original plays with immigrants, torture survivors, incarcerated youth, gang members, AIDS/HIV infected people and people in Hospice care, and facilitator at Reconectando & DreamingAction.

We explore using theater to image a different world, deep ecology, our connection with nature, the somatic and body work, rituals and initiations, reimagining and integrating traumatic experiences, collective healing, taking ownership & responsibility, the importance of the group and the witnessing.

Hector talks about his journey, growing up in Colombia and a challenging situation with war and torture, being exiled, constantly searching, learning and exploring, working with groups to reconnect & heal. For more about Hector find him on Facebook,, &

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:


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