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Supporting & buying ethical with fair&good

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

On this episode we talk with Matai'a Sarah Richards and Dr. Susan Maiava, co-founders of fair&good, an online hub where you can easily find brands offering a wide range of quality, ethically made products; from home goods and clothing to skincare and food.

Sarah’s work as a Pacific storyteller introduced her into the lives of workers struggling to get by, and Susan who’s expansive career fighting for social justice included visiting underpaid factory workers in the developing world and hosting two Fairfield ethical trade conferences.

We explore consumer power and responsibility, the reality of what many around the world are going through struggling on a daily basis, thinking locally and globally, the difference between equality and equity, our values and making conscious choices.

They talk about their journeys, what does ethical mean, traveling and seeing first hand how less privilege people live, being moved to act, setting up fair&good and showcasing those that are doing good. For more about fair&good follow them on Facebook and Instagram and

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:


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