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The Plant Culture pop-up restaurant

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

The Plant Culture Pop Up Restaurant was about educating New Zealand on hemp (non-psychoactive cannabis) and its nutritional benefits in a factual, safe and professional format.

Conscious Action collaborated with Plant Culture to present:

'The Plant Culture pop-up restaurant'

Over 4 evenings, Plant Culture served a set menu of four classic courses made with hemp seed to showcase the versatility and benefits of nature's most nutritious seed. The menu was matched with non-alcoholic beverages.

Picture a menu comprised of gourmet bread, pizza, ice cream, and chocolate - all made with hemp seed, plant based whole-foods and fresh produce. The menu was simply designed to inspire New Zealand on how easily hemp seed can be incorporated into the kiwi day to day diet and routine.

The menu was entirely plant based, gluten-free using non-allergenic ingredients and locally sourced where possible.

This pop up was a zero-waste, alcohol free and family friendly event.


Any questions about Hemp Seed products, please email

Some photos of the event:


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