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We are a positive community bringing awareness to the way we are leading our lives as individuals, as a collective and as a planet.

We are celebrating the current choices being taken to shape a more conscious way of living and working.


Through interaction we aim to come up with achievable actions we could take, and through connection share and celebrate the ones already being taken – big or small.  


We are based in New Zealand but our vision is to be a connected networks of Conscious Action communities around the world. If you're interested in starting one in your area, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Conscious Action was co-founded in June 2017 by Kayla Greenville and Brian Berneman.

The pair were attending events and documentary screenings about issues we’re being confronted by as a society but found that most people walked away from the events feeling overwhelmed by the problems and unsure about how they could have an impact as individuals.

Conscious Action was created to continue to raise awareness, but to also inspire and empower people in the knowing that they do make a difference.

We host core events as well as retreats, workshops and collaborations.

Our aim is to educate on personal, social, and environmental themes and provide opportunities for people to not only learn, but define actions that they can take, big or small, to live more consciously in their every day lives.

Since June 2017, Conscious Action has hosted over 400 events and built a community of like-minded individuals who care deeply about the way their way of live impacts others and the planet.

Check out this podcast episode where we chat more about how Conscious Action came to be.

As Kayla transitioned into motherhood in 2019, Conscious Action moved into being one of Brian's life's projects and initiatives.

conscious action was born from a desire to do more

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Brian Berneman

co-founder & leader

helps you discover a different way of living and being. Sharing simple practices to unlock your conditioned tendencies and live in the present.

Kayla Greenville

co-founder & proud supporter

mother of two & facilitator of

Walk n Talks: coaching sessions that take place in nature, designed to bring you grounding, clarity and balance.

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