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Sarah Tanner

Founder of Greenleaf Organics and speaker on Some inspiring Whys & Plant Power events

"Conscious action is the perfect platform for anyone that wants to be inspired, informed and uplifted. Kayla and Brian are the living example of taking conscious action, both in their business and personal lives. I can’t recommend CA highly enough for those already in a conscious space, or anyone that wants to dip their toe into what really is the future."

Hannah Jensen.jpg

Hannah Jensen

NZ contemporary artist and speaker on Some inspiring Whys event

"Kayla and Brian are two wonderful people forging their way through life in a kind, caring way whilst building an awesome community through sharing knowledge and love."


"The Larder Project is so grateful to have partnered with the team at Conscious Action. There's a global awakening happening, and we believe wholeheartedly in delivering a strong local contribution to support it. Kayla and Brian and both incredibly inspiring, their vision for what is possible excites us and the notion of taking collective action to inspire and invite change speaks directly to our beliefs. We're onboard for the long haul and we couldn't be more excited about it"


Aaron Brunet

MasterChef winner 2012 and co-host of Plant Power Experience

"A beautiful, real, inspiring event and I've got "why" as a new powerful too to inform what I do and how I do it. Fro me, that's a great example of a conscious action that I can use in my life".

Nick Morrison.png

Nick Morrison

Sustainability Consultant, event atendee

"[The event] was really valuable, I went home and discussed gift giving with [my partner]. I thought it was fantastic, got me thinking deeply which is a good thing I think."

Zach Franich.jpg

When we are faced with a choice, there is always two ways we can go; make a positive decision or a negative one. Kayla & Brian are exponents of positive thought and how a positive mindset won't only benefit one's self, but everyone & everything connected to that person.

Shelley McDonald.png

Shelley McDonald

Event attendee

I first learnt about Conscious Action when a friend gave me the opportunity to attend an evening they were hosting for Fashion Revolution week. That evening I listened to a knowledgeable panel talk about the fashion industry, past, present and future. I knew about fast fashion, but had not thought of the impact on the environment. I had some awareness that poor working conditions exist in fashion, but had no idea to what extent. I had no idea how many litres of water made single pair of jeans! I had not put thought into the environmental impact of dye! What I learnt was that ethical fashion and design is on its way up. I wanted to know more, so when I got home, I watched "The True Cost". Once you know something, you cant un-know it. I came away feeling inspired to make change where I could., so the next day when I was shopping for active wear, I shopped at WE-AR...quite consciously. And to be honest, those yoga tights are the most comfortable tights that I know own! :) So its a win - win!

Franco Sabadini.jpeg

Franco Sabadini

Co-Founder at Supergenerous, event atendee

Amazing community and events to learn and discuss interesting subjects with great people. If you haven't been to any of the Conscious Action events yet I highly recommend them :)

Antonia Morris.jpeg

Antonia Morris

Event attendee

"Conscious Action events leave you feeling complete and motivated by the knowledge you learn in them. Their emphasis is on education and discussion which leads to manageable actions, so instead of feeling overwhelmed after their events you feel calm and balanced. I couldn't recommend Conscious Action events more!"

“Dear Kayla and Brian, this is just to express my gratitude to you for having organised the Plant Power dinner at Crave Café on Wednesday and thank you for having my son and me with you and the opportunity to connect with all these likeminded people. Thank you for all those who worked behind the scenes to make us happy and feel at ease. This was a great gift. It was a very powerful experience and I still have the good vibrations of that Om meditation. I am a Vipassana meditator. I don’t call myself vegan, but I am on Whole Food Plant Based diet since 2014. I'm always looking for a conscious group like yours to share the benefits of mindfulness and the Plant Based Food. I want to promote what is dear to me and that can help people to be healthier and happier. I look forward to seeing you again. I am older than you, but I am available to help you in anything that I can do. My son Rayan was thrilled by that experience. Thanks a lot. May you be happy, and may you be successful in this path. Our planet needs young people like you. Metta”.

Ahmed Tayeb

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“Conscious Action seems to be driven by a genuine and authentic desire to help and inspire. I don’t feel like I’m being sold a product”

Andrew Gillick

Conscious Action supporter

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"Conscious Action is an incredible movement, bringing like minded people together into a powerful community of change-makers. I am always amazed at the way I feel after one of their events - inspired and empowered to take action in my life. The more people that are exposed to Conscious Action, the better.”

Georgia Merton

Events attendee

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"Conscious action. Even the name brings to life the vision of this beautiful initiative. Conscious - to have awareness, knowledge or concern of others, surroundings, concepts and issues. Action - the process of doing something to achieve an aim. What Brian and Kayla have created is extraordinary - a platform for connection, discovery, perspective expanding, inspiration and learning. The space has meaning, purpose and beauty, a space where people, once strangers, can walk through the door and feel remarkably connected by the sense of oneness in the room, a space where silence is appreciated and honest conversation is shared from the heart, a space where mindfully we explore meaningful themes and support one another in being active agents of transformation, a space where faith in humanity and our future is shared, igniting sparks in our hearts of wanting nothing less than to change the world. Epic events. Epic community. Epic soul. Brave and beautiful, thank you Conscious Action. “Let your vision be world-embracing.” #grateful”

Sarah Jaros

Events attendee

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"Brian and Kayla are brave and compassionate leaders who have built an amazing community. As an advocate for ethical fashion, Conscious Action keeps me inspired and continuously motivated. A 2018 highlight for me was the Circular Economy event, and I can’t wait for more action in 2019!"

Hemma Vara, The Good Trend

Events attendee

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