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Sound Bath Meditation

5/12 7-8pm | online

Bathe yourself in the sounds of the gong and singing bowls as their frequency and energy will allow you to stay in a meditative state during the session. 

We will tune into the energetics of these times and open up to receiving.

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embodied presence

9/12, 14/12, 16/12 7-8pm | online

Presence is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves - coming back home to ourselves.

Reconnecting with the deepest parts of our being to bring forth our full potential.

Bring the element of embodied presence to life.

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fashion revolution

Postponed till 2022

On the back of the NZ Fashion Week, we are gathering to raise awareness of the need for a Fashion Revolution.

We will watch the 'Fast Fashion' documentary and hear from our panel of guest speakers on the state of the industry and the way forward.

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Fashion revolution week event
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Celebrating conscious business event
Earth hour event
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Our events are all about bringing people together in a fun and inspiring environment.  


What goes on at each event is always different, diverse and unique to its theme.

guest speakers · movement and mindfulness · documentaries

all topped off with good food + good people 

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