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The Plant Power Experience


Took place on 18th October

at Crave Café

conscious action presented the


Conscious Action teamed up with Masterchef Winner, Aaron Brunet and founder of the Plant Power Podcast, Dylan Steeples, to deliver a four course plant-based dinner to 100 guests at Crave Café in Morningside!

We celebrated the diversity and deliciousness of plants with 4 plant-based courses:

vital raw taste sensations | communal street styles | fine dining main | decadent crowd-pleaser dessert 

The communal tables, tightly squeezed together, created a very intimate and community feel to the event and after beginning with a beautiful meditation and an 'OM', probably felt by all of Morningside, the event had come alive. We also adopted a #nohashtag rule which meant guests could take photos or videos but not post (or have their phones on the table) until 10pm. This contributed to the wholesome conversations that continued to create a buzz of excitement and community throughout the whole evening. 

With it being a zero-waste event, instead of having menu's - we had Aaron, who popped out before every course to explain the story behind the dish, the hero ingredient and the intention behind its place in the event. Aaron's passion for plant-based cooking is infectious and this was a great way for everyone to experience that. It also added another layer of appreciation for the course. 


We heard from two seriously inspiring speakers:

Plant-based Dr Mark Craig (MD)

a plant-based practicing GP here in Auckland with a special interest in whole food plant based diet provided some interesting insights into the medical profession and highlighted some of the key ways we can address our own heath through diet.

Plant-based Personal Trainer Daivd Cordtz

who is known for his gravity-defying calisthenics (body-weight) workouts talked about his journey on a plant-based diet, how it has shaped him and the influence he is having on the Samoan community. 

We also celebrated the first birthday of the Plant Power Podcast by Dylan Steeples. Dylan is a passionate advocate for plant-based lifestyle, for compassion and love and for the planet. It was a pleasure working with him and we wish him, and the podcast all the best in the future! 

Lastly, the event was greatly enhanced by our amazing volunteers who were there for the set-up, prep, cooking and plating, front of house and general good vibes. They volunteered for the whole evening with smiles and laughter and we cannot thank them enough for their contribution to the Plant Power Experience.   

Thank you also to Organic Mechanic for supplying us with your magical kombucha on entry and to Crave Café for the perfect space. 


Conscious Action events are a space to connect with like-minded people, collaborate to come

up with inspiring ideas, and celebrate what we are already contributing to the collective.

your co-hosts

Dylan Steeples
Plant Power Podcast founder
Aaron Brunet
NZ Masterchef winner 2013

"The future of food is all about plant power. We'd love you to join us in celebrating the beauty and deliciousness of what they offer"

- Aaron

"I'd love for you to come and experience the clarity and empowerment that I get from a plant based diet"

- Dylan


Plant Power Podcast
Conscious Action logo
Organic Mechanic logo

this was a zero waste event

food waste

Aaron and Dylan carefully planned the food portions and allocations to ensure as minimal waste as possible. Any leftovers were composted. 

other waste

OM Kombucha was served from the kegerator and Water from glass dispensers (eliminating use of glass bottles)

Both beverages were served in reusable cups (eliminating single use cups).

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