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coaching & mentoring

Are you seeking direction, growth, change, development, balance and alignment.

Completely personalized to your specific needs.

Whether that is in person or remotely, individually or in group, there is something for you!


I work with you to find the right pathway and tools that will support your overall wellbeing.

"Through his classes and personal coaching he is teaching me more about wellbeing than is possible to describe with words. All his methods are constantly reminding me of who I truly am and how to BE present in my body, regardless of my life situation and challenges. 

No other spiritual teacher brings me to this space so gently and effortlessly. It is just his presence that does the trick. 

Brian, I consider myself fortunate to have met you and you play a bigger role in my life than you know. 

Thank you for all that you have done for me and may your impact rise exponentially so that this world becomes an even better place."

— Alja, Slovenia

"I took a lot away from it and have been implementing little things into my day to try and keep up all the wonderful things I learnt. 

It has helped me deal with situations a lot better.  I have found I have more energy as well as motivation to do things also.

I feel it has also strengthened my relationship with my daughter and husband by doing so. 

Just what I needed really. Thank you again."

— Karen, New Zealand

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