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guest speakers

We are extremely grateful to be able to create space for all these amazing individuals to share about their journeys, their insights and their work.

Thanks to them we are able to share many different perspectives and learn how to live more consciously.

(In chronological order of appearance)

Sarah Tanner brunette.jpg

sarah tanner

Hannah Jensen_edited.jpg

Hannah Jensen

Zach Franich.jpg

zac franich

Josephine Rawstorne 2.jpg

josephine rawstorne

Peter Ralph.jpg

peter ralph

Dylan Steeples.jpg

dylan steeples


aaron brunet


dr. mark craig

David Cordtz.jpeg

david cordtz

Vi Cottrell.jpg

vi cottrell

Dellwyn Stuart copia.jpg

Dellwyn Stuart


karah-leah grant

Cameron2 16.jpg

cameron tukapua

Nick Morrison.png

nick morrison

Valerie Teraitua.jpeg

valerie teraitua


karishma singh kelsey


jyoti morningstar

Damon Birchfield_CEO EcoMatters.jpg

damon birchfield

Steve headshot image jpeg.jpg

steve bambury

Emily Joy Frost.jpg

Emily Joy Frost


graedon pakeha

Jayden Klinac 3.jpeg

jayden klinac

Victoria Crockford 1.jpeg

Victoria Crockford

Chris Thurston 1.jpeg

Chris Thurston

Savannah Atai Petero.jpeg

Savannah Atai Petero

Yobithan Rajaratnam.jpeg

Yobithan Rajaratnam

Carolyn Enting.jpg

carolyn enting

Amy Conlon.jpg

amy conlon

Kate Hall 2

kate hall

Courtney Harper.png

Courtney Harper

Sophia Butler.jpg

sophia butler

Annaleigh Stafford.JPG

Annaleigh Stafford

Hemma 2.jpg

hemma vara

Amanda Butterworth.jpg

Amanda Butterworth

Olivia Chitty.jpg

Olivia Chitty

Hannah Duder.jpg

hannah duder

Jacinta Fitzgerald.jpg

Jacinta Fitzgerald

Craig Reynolds 2.webp

craig reynolds

Chris Morrison.jpg

chris morrison

Nic Turner Mainstream Green.jpg

nicola turner

Phil Somerville.png

Phil Somerville

Andrew Gillick.jpg

andrew gillick


karen swainson

John Berry.jpg

john berry

Dean Easterbrook.jpeg

Dean Easterbrook

Qiujing Wong.jpeg

Qiujing Wong

Dave Henderson.jpg

dave henderson


Nick Hammond

Rochelle Sheldon.jpg

rochelle sheldon

Claire Conza.jpeg

claire conza

Alejandra Rojas.jpg

alejandra rojas

Judy Keats.jpg

Judy Keats

Adriana Avendaño Christie.jpg

Adriana Avendaño Christie

Ursula Griffen.jpg

ursula griffen

Katie Grace.jpeg

katherine matthews

Buffy Ellen.jpeg

Buffy Ellen

Laura Ellen.jpg

laura ellen

Kayla Anderson 1.jpeg

kayla anderson

Lina Montero Soto 1.jpg

lina montero soto

Jason Roberts.jpg

jason roberts


annie Shaw

Nathalie 2.jpeg

Nathalie Nasrallah

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