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family constellations

Unresolved family issues holding you back?
Discover hidden dynamics & patterns with a 'Family Constellations' session.
Experience healing & new possibilities.

ancestral healing


A therapeutic approach that attempts to reveal unrecognized dynamics that spans multiple generations in a family and to resolve its effects by encountering the past, accept and heal.

​We explore what is behind a specific issue in your life.

Some of the struggles and traumas are related to unseen entanglements from our ancestors and systems.


"Thank you Brian for guiding me through my first Family Constellation. It was a profound experience and I witnessed many layers of healing take place. Your ability to hold space in such a gentle yet powerful way made me feel so safe and supported. The morning after the workshop I experienced a shift in energy and feel so much lighter now. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I have so much gratitude and love for you and the work that you do. Thank you again!"


— Jess Pearson

Are you struggling with unresolved family issues that seem to affect your relationships and overall well-being?


In this powerful and transformative process, we will explore the hidden dynamics and unconscious patterns that run in your family system.

By bringing awareness to these patterns, we can begin to break the cycle of pain and suffering and create new possibilities for healing and growth.

This is an opportunity for you to gain new insights and understanding of yourself and your family, and to find peace and resolution.

Join a session and experience the power of healing and transformation.

"Brian skilfully lead our group on an amazing constellation journey that provided insights and opportunities for growth for all involved. 

If you are open to trying something new to better understand yourself and the patterns that drive unhelpful behaviour, give family constellations with Brian a try.”


- Bailey Lenart

Each of us belongs to a family system extending over several generations. When the family system is balanced, the individuals within it can receive the generational flow of love from those who came before them, and they can pass it on to those who follow. However, families can only function harmoniously in this way when each family member belonging to the system has an equally valued and respected place within it.

Disturbances to the natural flow of love within a family can result from various situations and events.

When an individual is “tied up” in the fate or business of another member of the extended family, we describe it as being entangled, or entanglement. When entanglement occurs, it results in difficulties and suffering which may affect many generations.

These difficulties show up in a variety of ways, such as loneliness, depression, alcohol and drug dependency, suicide, mental or physical illness, recurring accidents, constricting and recurring family patterns, relationship difficulties with parents, partner or children, and inability to achieve true potential.

“After the session I’ve gained some great insight into many things to do with mental health.

It’s definitely pushed more to the surface to be acknowledged also which has been manageable to deal with.“

- Zac Cooper

are you ready to experience family constellations?

In-person session:

1 session - $175

4 sessions - $529

(If you'd like me to go to you there's extra charge for travel)


Distant session:

1 session - $125

4 sessions - $399

Private group session from $300

"I loved being part of this ancestral healing workshop. I didn't know quite what to expect when I signed up but the experience was absolutely fascinating and I got so much from being part of peoples healing journeys and witnessing them work through a range of different issues through the process. If you haven't experienced an ancestral healing circle before, I really recommend you attend and find out how powerful this experience is. It's like nothing I've been part of before. Brian held the space amazingly and I felt safe and comfortable the whole day and really connected with everyone who attended. Thank you Brian for this opportunity, I look forward to coming to more circles!"


- Lucy Tofield

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