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5 takeaways from the Plant Power event

Meet Emily, the youngest in a family of five, she recently started questioning the place of meat in her lifestyle and began looking into alternative options.

She attended the Plant Power event last month and left with five takeaway messages at the end of the night that she wanted to share with us.

5 takeaways from Plant Power event

Her five takeaways:

1. The meat you consume isn't just food but within the cells, you are ingesting their stress.

Following up on the discussion at Plant Power, Sarah Tanner's mention of trauma being

embedded into the body's cells interested me into doing further research and reading

into not only the effects of it but also better alternatives and how to better the energy we

take on through the food we consume.

2. The difference between organic/ non-organic.

Before I attended the Plant Power event I had ridiculously limited knowledge and

awareness of organic and non-organic food. I had once thought of them as the same thing.  Now whenever I'm out I always keep my eye out for organic labeling and try my best to stay clear of chemically sprayed or synthetic goods. Keeping in mind the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen.

3. It's the small steps that make up the long miles, in this case it's the minimising of animal products that leads to a meat free diet. The increase of vegan/plant-based alternatives in mainstream supermarkets and restaurants are growing in size and popularity every year. Now even fast food joints are joining the party like Burger King with the new Rebel Whopper burger. It's the little things we change in our everyday intake that create this chain reaction on a global scale.

4. There is no wrong way try to go plant-based, everyone's experience is different.

The idea of imperfection when taking on a lifestyle change such as your eating habits was

encouraged throughout the Plant Power event. Judy Keats and Sarah said that even if you just

minimise meat once a week and work up to minimising it for a whole week, the efforts towards a plant based/vegan lifestyle still counts. You can't expect to suddenly wake up one day, change your diet completely and become perfect at it - everyone has different experiences with the change.

5. The passion behind a job that you truly enjoy is worth it all.

Judy spoke of her work at the Plant Power event with such thrill and passion, telling the audience how she would leap out of bed every day excited to start work. She then explained how it's the passion and attitude you hold for your work that makes it worth the hard yards and any challenges thrown your way. It's so easy to become neutral to the usual 9-5 grind but if it doesn't bring you joy then you should ask yourself, is this what I want for myself?


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