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7 months of rubbish

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

7 months of rubbish | Brian Berneman  Auckland New Zealand

I strive to live a conscious life.

Reducing my footprint as much as possible.

This is one of the ways that I attempt to be zero waste.

Since July of 2018 this is the few items that I purchased/received that would go to landfill if they weren’t in my jar.

Besides one wristband from a festival, the rest is from bananas.

I choose to purchase fair-trade and organic bananas and unfortunately at present in New Zealand they come with these sticky wrappers.

Plus two stickers from buying them on special as they were over ripened!

On top of these, I’ve bought around 10 cans and 20 glass jars that I’ve either reused or recycled.

I buy my fruits and veggies from the farmers market - of course taking my reusable bags!

I get my legumes, nut, spices, dried fruits, cleaning supplies and others from refilleries - taking my jars!

I cook my own food 95% of the time (that might not be accurate).

I’m still looking to do better.

Every time that I buy from these places or go to a restaurant, I don’t know exactly how they purchased those items.

So I choose carefully where to go, and always take my own container.

When I go to a potluck or spend time with friends or family, I know that it’s not all zero-waste, but I choose to be part of those interactions.

It’s feels good to be able to see part of my footprint and inspire others to see that it’s possible to live a life according to one’s values.

How much rubbish have you created in the last few months?

What can you do to reduce your footprint?

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