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Addiction, sobriety & choosing change with Brendon Watt

On this episode we talk with Brendon Watt, speaker, best-selling author, and facilitator for Access Consciousness. Brendon specializes in helping others to overcome addiction, as he too walks the path of recovery and sobriety.

We explore synchronicities in life, our capacity to receive, just being us, matching energies, recognizing so we can choose, taking responsibility, getting away from victim mentality, addictions as survival mechanisms, the importance of being sober, vulnerability as a superpower, experiencing forgiveness, dropping the emotional-energetic weight we've been carrying, developing a better relationship with ourselves, unlearning and asking questions.

Brendon talks about his journey, his mechanisms for escaping through alcohol, being done with life and asking questions that serendipitously found some answers, finding access consciousness, experiencing addiction, being open and vulnerable with his addiction, asking 'who am I being', stopping judgment, 'destroy and uncreate', the clearing statement from access consciousness. For more about Brendon find him on Instagram, Facebook &

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