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Arcturian energy healing & alignment with Viviane Chauvet

Updated: May 3, 2023

On this episode we talk with Viviane Chauvet, an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar, published author, international public speaker, creator of the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® and the Arcturian Healing Arts program, advocate for planetary evolution, an emissary for the Federation of Light, and owner of Infinite Healing from The Stars. We explore the awakening and evolution process we are going through, the support of starseeds, the arcturian beings energy, how everything we do daily has an impact, finding alignment, creating change, the shifting of consciousness, being present to open to the unfolding, how everything is oneness expressed in different forms, healing opposition & contrast to unlock new levels of potential, the importance of just being.

Viviane talks about her journey, being an arcturian hybrid being, going through a huge awakening process, the challenges of growing up in the 3D density, her first experience on Earth, experiencing a sense of familiarity with Gaia, the importance of shifting to open to new layers of evolution, re-remembering to change and evolve, her mission of help uplift the planet. For more about Viviane find her on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube &

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