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Awakening, liberation & power dynamics with Kara-Leah

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

On this episode we talk with Kara-Leah, a much-loved Direct Realization Tantra Teacher and writer. Passionate about liberation in this lifetime, she practices and teaches an integrated householder path of awakening. This path is grounded in Classical Tantra focuses on using the process of compassionate inquiry to reveal the conditioned mind, and so helps people to drop down into being-ness and presence.

We explore embodiment, inviting movement & exploring, power dynamics, the role of teachers & participants, taking responsibility, clarity on boundaries, abuse of power, trust & intuition, trauma & patterns, how we respond, how to create safe spaces, holding others with love, feeling & integrating experience.

Kara-Leah talks about her journey, being curious as a kid, seeking, discovering Yoga, experiencing a kundalini awakening, resonating with Tantra, orientating to awareness, the importance of having conversations on challenging topics, conscious & unconscious behavior, not giving away our power, the path of realization & liberation, what to do as communities. For more about Kara-Leah find her on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Make the most of the Tantrika's toolbox with the special price!

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