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Awakening, soul work and change with Addison Ames

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

On this episode we talk with Addison Ames, an awakened teacher, speaker, thought leader, and writer who has gone through transformational change and the awakening of self and the higher self and now accesses high dimensional information that can help people through life’s situations, change, opportunity, and challenge. Formerly known as a channel for Metatron, he works from a place of hope, love, happiness, inspiration, joy, abundance, encouragement, peace, and truth. We explore the spiritual path, going through transformational change, contrasts of life, channeling and capabilities, choosing what resonates, the path of the soul, the importance of practice, sovereignty & the I am, working with soul timelines, taking back our power to choose by knowing, frequencies, sound and vibration.

Addison talks about his journey, a Christian upbringing, being a model and working in marketing in New York, being a nice guy doing nice things, going through a 'dark night of the soul’, doing spiritual work, channeling Metatron and ’the guides’, his three books that build on each other. For more about Addison find him on and Use the code CONSCIOUS35 for 35% off of all regular sessions with Addison.

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