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Awakening Your Audience & Activating Your Conscious Business: A Journey of Connection and Impact

Awakening Your Audience & Activating Your Conscious Business: A Journey of Connection and Impact

In today's fast-paced world, fostering deeper connections and aligning our work with our values are essential for creating meaningful change. Join us as we delve into a transformative conversation with Christine Zeschniok, where we explore the power of awakening your audience and activating your conscious business.

Discovering Your True Calling: A Journey from Germany to New Zealand

Christine Zeschniok shares her remarkable journey from Germany to New Zealand, highlighting the pivotal moments that led her to discover her true calling in conscious business. As she embarked on this journey, she realized the importance of prioritizing presence, health, and aligning her work with her values.

Cultivating Deeper Connections: The Key to Positive Change

We discuss the significance of cultivating deeper connections with ourselves, others, and the environment to spark positive change in the world. Christine emphasizes the transformative power of being present and listening to our inner calling, leading to profound personal and professional growth.

Aligning Your Work with Your Values: Practical Strategies for Conscious Business Owners

For conscious business owners, aligning their work with their values is paramount. Christine provides practical strategies for standing out online and making a meaningful impact. From reconnecting with our limitless selves to focusing on the power of our work, she offers valuable insights for activating your conscious business.

Awakening Your Audience: Inspiring Meaningful Action

We explore the importance of awakening our audience to their potential and inspiring them to take conscious action. Christine emphasizes the role of storytelling and authenticity in connecting with our audience on a deeper level, fostering genuine relationships built on trust and shared values. Embracing the power of your business instead of your own personal power.

Igniting Change Through Connection and Impact

As we conclude our conversation with Christine, we are reminded of the power of connection and authenticity in activating our conscious businesses. By prioritizing presence, aligning our work with our values, and awakening our audience, we can ignite change and create a better world for generations to come.

Christine Zeschniok is a Business Coach for conscious leaders and founder of The Activated Woman. As a transformative coach, Christine brings change through conversation, in combination with simple strategy and energetics to support women, mothers and multi-faceted entrepreneurs make an impact in this world. Her focus lies in helping coaches, healers, mentors & guides to create activating content online that helps their audience commit to their own transformation and move towards their dreams. She's passionate for her clients to turn their calling into cash, while contributing to raise the frequency of humanity.

For more about Christine find her on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Her upcoming Masterclass 'Awaken your Audience' teaches how to activate your audience in your content with just a few tweaks, so they are ready to move and reach out about your offers. You will learn how to satisfy their rational mind and sell through your content by giving your people all the information they need to commit, on a logical and emotional level, without lengthy sales calls or endless follow ups.

As a special gift to everyone listenting to the podcast, you can get the Masterclass for free (simply use the code AWAKEN24 at checkout).

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