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Cacao, Maca & Plant medicine wisdom with Corin Storkey

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

On this episode we talk with Dr. Corin Storkey, Founder and Co-director of Seleno Health, a natural health company that fuses ancient plant wisdom with modern scientific research. Corin has over 15 years of academic and research experience, specialising in medicinal antioxidant chemistry, oxidative diseases, cellular protection and health. He currently leads the Maca and cacao research program that studies Andean and Amazonian plant medicines and substantiates their traditions through biochemical analysis.

We explore seeing health holistically, plant medicines, especially Maca & Cacao, the tradition and lineages, the properties & benefits of Maca, the preparation with rituals & ceremony, honoring ancient wisdom traditions, chocolate & cacao, what is a cacao ceremony, cultural appropriation, where the cacao comes from, how and who is growing it, conscious consuming, bringing the modern science & ancient wisdom together.

Corin talks about his journey, studying medicinal chemistry, researching and working in the pharmaceutical industry, healing himself with natural medicine, going to Peru and having a complete shift of his perspective of life, researching the molecules and properties of the medicinal plant, the traditional preparation & use of cacao, sharing the wisdom & connection to the medicine, the symbols & its representation. For more about Seleno Health find them on Instagram, Facebook & Support our podcast & work on Patreon.

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