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Channeling, intuition & energy work with Rhiannon Heins

On this episode we talk with Rhiannon Heins, an intuitive channel, bestselling author and energy-worker. Rhiannon has spent the past ten years working and lecturing as a remedial massage therapist, teaching yoga, meditation & breathwork, and facilitating yoga teacher trainings internationally. Now, using her signature Intuitive Rebirth energy-work method, Rhiannon is empowering healers to step into their power as high earning, transformational energy-workers.

We explore reconnecting to our bodies, being open, energy work, channeling, our relationship to our experience, how everyone can be a channel, accusing the vastness of being, asking questions, following intuition, being in alignment, non-linear time and upgrading our experience. Rhiannon talks about her journey, connecting to her higher mind, going from being dissociated to anchored, loving awareness, rebirthing time and time again, channeling her book. For more about Rhiannon find her on Instagram & Check out her book: The Keepers of the Light Codes Join her Intuitive Rebirth Training Retreat in Bali May 2023:

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