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Coconut Yoghurt and doing good with Latesha Randall

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

On this episode we talk with Latesha Randall, aka Mrs Coconut, founder of Raglan Food Co. (Raglan Coconut Yoghurt), entrepreneur, Published writer & Connector who makes things happen!

We explore her upbringing in a farm, being homeschooled, self publishing a book and working with a publishing company, how making some coconut yoghurt at home turned into a business without planning it, the importance of aligning ones values to the business and doing good with work, caring about the environment, organics and where their coconuts come from, and the plant-based and vegan movement.

Latesha talks about moving to Raglan to be a hippie, and even though making yoghurt wasn’t in the cards, how it became a central part of what she does, her love for writing and reading, learning from experience when making values compromised decisions, creating a sustainable and ethical business and making sacrifices. For more about Latesha follow her on Facebook and Instagram and

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:


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