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Conscious & Creative with 'Colour our Story'

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Michelle of Colour Our Story and Brian of Conscious Action come together for a Purposeful and Joyful Sunday afternoon filled with global connection, mindfulness and creativity.

Colour Our Story facilitates the creation of colouring-in books by children for children across the World. These books are designed to empower, inspire and create a real sense of connection and global citizenship through the magical and therapeutic powers of storytelling and creativity.

Once again Colour Our Story had a beautiful collection of drawings and stories, this time collected from children in Bali and Aotearoa.

We enjoyed the creative therapy of tracing the children's drawings, which is part of the creative bookmaking process, while soaking in some mindfulness moments with Brian as well as some delicious nibbles, mulled wine, non alcoholic drinks, relaxing music and of course the beautiful company of each other as we got to know the children through their artworks.

Some photos of the event:


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