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Elevating Earth with Conscious Consumerism with Lindsey Coffey

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

On this episode we talk with Lindsey Coffey, a fashion model, environmental activist, and in 2020, became the first and only U.S. representative to win the international title of Miss Earth competing against 82 nations.

With a background in Political Science and Communications, she focuses her efforts on campaigning, public speaking, and lobbying on Capitol Hill to raise our environmental consciousness and transform people and planet. As a World Wildlife Fund Ambassador, Remake Fellow, Climate Reality Leader, and collaborator with Greenpeace. Earth Day Network, and the United Nations, she passionately champions for climate justice, wildlife conservation, ethical fashion, environmental preservation, and spearheads worldwide initiatives aimed at fostering a sustainable future. She encourages global action towards sustainability and empowers others to overcome challenges related to environmental, societal, and personal growth.

We explore the impact of the fashion industry, conscious consumerism, bringing realism into the perspectives to create change, person responsibility, how can personal growth be environmental work, knowing that we have a choice to choose, how do we use our privilege, voting with our dollar, being empowered to make decisions, the amount of people needed as a tipping point for change, joining with others to take conscious action, mindful gift giving.

Lindsey talks about her journey, her love of nature growing up, how winning Miss Earth spark a fire to pursue her activism, using her voice within and outside of the fashion industry to create change, mindful consumers, creating market trends, emotional purchases, and the power of individual choices.

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