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Entrepreneurship and how to live one's life with Derek Handley

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

On this episode we talk with Derek Handley, a futurist, entrepreneur and the founder of Wiser, a platform helping people ask better questions to develop self-knowledge and purpose in their lives, and Aera, a charitable foundation to breathe life into social innovations primed to reframe the status quo for a sustainable and happy future.

We explore his entrepreneurial journey, using investing to help solving some of the big issues in the world, the importance of how master something and being the best you can, the importance of perspective, the superpower of being a founder and the new wave of businesses, the possibility of a system change, and the role of education.

Derek talks about his curiosity of how to live the life one wants to live, being drawn to carving his own path and not go with the ’normal’, having self-belief, from which place to make decisions from, how to have a foundation to design your life, having a structured time to reflect on his life. For more about Derek follow him on Facebook, Instagram and and

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