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Ethical & sustainable fashion movement with Brittanie Dreghorn

On this episode we talk with Brittanie Dreghorn, editor of Britt’s List, an online fashion publication dedicated to telling the stories behind Australian fashion brands that lead their industry in environmental sustainability and ethical treatment of people and animals.

We explore conscious consumerism, modern slavery and fair trade, the growing movement of the fashion revolution, needing more transparency and responsibility from brands, the need for further education, understanding our values, greenwashing, accreditations and traceability, the use of resources and its impact, plastic and synthetics, inclusion and accessibility.

Brittanie talks about being curious, growing up op-shopping, and questioning how the clothes she was buying was made, using her background to create content on sustainable and ethical fashion, and the ethical and sustainable fashion space in Australia. For more about Brittanie find her on Instagram, Facebook and

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:



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