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Explore the magic of connection

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

The true magic of life is in connection and we were so lucky to experience that magic throughout this event. We talked about the importance of connecting to oneself, connecting to others (friends, family and ancestors), and connecting to our spaces (home and nature).

At the beginning of the event, we facilitated a quick brainstorm of all of the ways that we connect such as talking, community, art, music, social media etc. and was so interesting to see the contrast of that same brainstorm done at the end of the night where the response had shifted to much more heart-centred ideas such as trust, listening, helping, knowing, sharing and compassion. This was because throughout the event it became fairly obvious to all of us that only when we are connected and grounded in ourselves, are we in the best possible position to connect authentically with those around us.

The nature of that shift was beautiful in itself but the way in which it came about for people was what made this event really unique. Through practices, meditations and even a dance, Cameron Tukapua (You Being You) and Kara-Leah Grant (The Yoga Lunchbox), our two incredible guest speakers shared their thoughts, ideas, knowledge, experience, wisdom, and creativity with us, and opened up a really special space for everyone to take part in their very own way, including some amazingly personal and deep insights from some of the audience.

Thanks to our incredibly supportive sponsor - The Larder Project - Cameron Simms has put his hand up for THE FORWARD ACTION this month. Cam will have $100 to put towards his idea which, at this stage, is to build a small community garden or plant some fruit trees for the community to share one day. We're excited to follow Cam's progress! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page.

We also then got to CONNECT over delicious tea from Fine + Dandy, breads from The Larder Project, sauerkraut from Forage and Ferment, dips from Plant Culture and the divine ginger crunch from Hunter Gatherer Gourmet

Thank you to The Workshop Auckland for hosting us.

Some photos from the event:

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