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Feng Shui your space to your advantage with Jeannette Cieszykowski

On this episode we talk with Jeannette Cieszykowski, a Landscape Architect and personal development junkie turned Feng Shui consultant. Trained in classical Feng Shui, she utilize the principles of harnessing prosperous Qi and incorporating that into the homes and business spaces of her clients. She helps people create an energy-rich home life that supports their health, wealth, and happiness.

We explore the difference between classical and modern Feng Shui, how your environment affects you, using the dynamic energies to our favor, the importance of knowing one's intentions, balancing the elements to find harmony, general knowledge and power positions.

Jeannette talks about her journey, giving a space attention with intention, serendipitous experiences and people showing up, understanding the energies of the house to our advantage before moving in, looking into what we can control, she showcases the different charts, numbers, energies and elements, using ancient wisdom to our benefit. For more about Jeannette find her on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:


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