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Food waste with Michal Garvey

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Food waste with Michal Garvey |  Brian Berneman Conscious Action  Conscious Events in Auckland, New Zealand

On this episode we talk with Michal Garvey founder of Foodprint, the app where you can rescue surplus and imperfect food to prevent it from being wasted.

We explore the lack of awareness of the impact of food waste, the power of technology for creating change, being an entrepreneur and following your purpose, purchasing ‘ugly’ veggies and fruits, and saving money by doing the right thing.

Michal talks about working at a hotel buffet in the US where she saw a great amount of uneaten food, the stats of wasted food and use of resources, introducing a BYO container feature to reduce packaging, the role of this space in the climate change conversation and seeing food as a precious resource.

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Looking for the audio version?

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