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Freedom & Food Forest Abundance with Jim Gale

Updated: Aug 2

On this episode we talk with Jim Gale, the extraordinary mind behind Food Forest Abundance and a true force of nature. As a international permaculture advocate, entrepreneur, and CEO, Jim has dedicated his life to transforming the way we interact with our environment, cultivating a sustainable future for all.

We explore the power of the mind, having a vision for the future, scarcity and abundance, being free, the freedom of having food forests and growing food, joining community gardens, allowing schools to be a space to educate and grow food, changing the idea of what off-grid living is, community being key.

Jim talks about his journey, being called ’nature boy’ when being a kid, coming across the concept of enlightenment, what being a wrestler taught him, writing goals for direction, learning about people and cultures whilst living nomadically, having a highly successful mortgage business, discovering permaculture, creating an off-grid community in Florida and sharing knowledge. For more about Jim and Food Forest Abundance find them on Instagram, Facebook and

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