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Healing, awakening & tensor technology with Peter Benson

Updated: May 29, 2023

On this episode we talk with Peter Benson, who was a typical "mechanic and technician" when he experienced a significant awakening that opened his connection to his Higher Self and the Angelic Realm. He discovered he had angelic origins as part of Archangel Michael’s army of light. Guided by Archangel Michael and Ascended Masters, Peter was guided on how to put together Tensor technology with palpable healing properties. His research led him to build Tensor rings (all cubits), crystals-infused pendants, Merkaba, healing coils, sound frequency amplifiers, PTSD restoratives, and more. We explore the importance of asking big questions to ourselves, working with energy, having a felt experience to ‘believe’, protecting your energy field, healing emotional trauma, slowing down and find relaxation, the power of intention, the stage we are going through at these times, and this being a time of awakening, approaching others with compassion and rising the collective vibration.

Peter talks about his journey, coming across Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’ book and how that opened a new path, going through a kundalini awakening experience, discovering tensor technology, starting to channel messages to be guided on how to create the energy tools, working with crystals he didn’t even know about to amplify and refine the healing qualities. For more about Peter find him on Facebook, and

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