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I'm part of it

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

By Brian Berneman for Fashion Revolution NZ.

"It’s so interesting looking back to when I was younger and didn’t have any awareness of the impact that the clothes I was wearing had on the environment and people.

Growing up I wore mostly recognized branded t-shirts (many of which I still have) because it was the ‘normal’ thing to do. 

Even though I worked at New York Fashion Week in 2010, I never thought that I was part of the fashion industry - I never followed any trends, read magazines or even knew about designers.

Now I know that I am part of it. Just because of the fact that I wear clothes.

As I care about the environment and ethical practices, 3 years ago I started taking part in the Fashion Revolution movement. I understood that my actions matter and how I vote with my dollars is one of the best ways to take conscious action.

Being able to create gatherings to raise awareness of the reality of what goes on in the Fashion industry has enable me to see how it is possible to create change.

The more people are aware of the reality and the 'true cost’ of the products they are purchasing, the easier it is to shift to support those that are part of the solution - the brands that do the best they can to create good quality, organic, fair trade, lasting clothing and products.

The more we demand these practices as the minimum standard that we allow the faster we are going to see how even the big brands will need to change - and we are already seeing it. We are waking up to the power of the collective.

Imagine if every person that goes to a march for climate change knew about this!"

I'm part of it Conscious Action Brian Berneman  Auckland New Zealand

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Mike Henry
Jan 25, 2021

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