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Let's talk rubbish 2017 event

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

How conscious are you of your footprint?

All of us will leave one - how big though, is up to us.

Conscious Action presented:

'Let's talk rubbish' featuring Josephine Rawstorne (Method Recycling) and Peter Ralph (Reclaim).

At this event we talked about composting, recycling and how our shopping habits have an impact on our environment.

Inspired by Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers, Josephine had recently completed a zero-waste challenge where she dedicated a month to reducing her waste. It was a life-changing experience for her and after seeing that over the whole month, her contribution to landfill could fit in one jam jar, it changed from a experiment to a way of life. Josephine is now embarking on a zero-waste lifestyle, is well known in the 'waste-circles' for her questions, research and dedication and has become an inspiration for many of us in terms of reducing our impact on the planet while we're here. She shared her journey with us, her tips and tricks for living with zero-waste and the challenges that she is tackling one-by-one. A change-leader in this space and an incredible contributor to the Let's Talk Rubbish event.

Peter Ralph was the perfect co-guest, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about the environment and some really practical advice about how to reduce waste. We first met Pete as the 'sustainability manager at Reclaim', now we know him to be a passionate advocate for the environment, an expert on recycling, composting and landfill and an incredibly nice guy. Not only that, Pete is extremely generous with his time, speaking not only at our event but many others around the country and also sits on the board for 'The Now Crowd', a project aimed at helping young people to drive sustainability initiatives in their workplaces. As well as sharing a his knowledge and interesting insights into recycling, composting and what actually happens in the land fills (!), he took on the hard questions from our audience, helping them to better understand 'what goes where'.

also at this event we had:

  • an introductory meditation

  • a mindfulness segment

  • the 'Forward Action' challenge

  • mingling + networking

  • treats from Hunter Gatherer Gourmet + The Larder Project + Plant Culture

  • Organic Mechanic Kombucha

  • Forage + Bloom Teas

​Some photos from the event:

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