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Living life to the fullest with Claudia Goetzelmann

On this episode we talk with Claudia Goetzelmann, photographer, art director, End of Life Doula, & MidLife & Empowerment coach.

We explore being a global citizen, the process of dying, the importance of death, the preciousness of living, coming together as community to celebrate someone’s life, processing the passing of a loved one, living with awareness that every moment we have a choice, being grateful, living life to the fullest, the inner child work & play with imagination.

Claudia talks about embracing different cultures, being curious and adventurous which led her to travel and be a photographer, collaborating, allowing space for things to unfold, seeing sleep as a little death, & living in full bloom. For more about Claudia find her on Instagram, https://claudiagoetzelmann.com/, & https://www.permissiontobloomcoaching.com/.

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