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Making empathy your superpower with Meghan Geliza Jackson

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

On this episode we talk with Meghan Geliza Jackson, a Filipino-Kiwi painter, creative director, educator, energy facilitator and the founder of Dreams of Source, a visionary space devoted to helping empaths, highly sensitives and intuitives come home to their Inner Being and creativity, despite the noise and pressures of modern living.

We explore the experience of empaths, going from being drain to making empathy a superpower, the importance of frameworks and language for understanding life experience, leading a spiritual and aligned life, the importance of mentors and guides, coming back home to our inner being, grounding and connecting to the Earth, fear and doubt.

Meghan talks about her journey, art as a healing tool, intuition and creativity, being Filipino, going through challenges and turning into meditation, experiencing awakenings, creating a bigger container to choose what to let in, creating as a gift for others, and working with earth pigments. For more about Meghan follow her on Instagram &

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