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Making Green Go Mainstream with Nicola Turner

On this episode we talk with Nicola Turner, founder of Mainstream Green, a social enterprise enabling organisations & individuals to be more mindful of how we consume and the impact we have.

We explore consumerism, living simply, being conscious of what we buy, saving money, breaking away from the automatic patterns, living in harmony, the power of marketing, making conscious choices, questioning what’s in what we use & eat, the correlation of personal and planet’s wellbeing, making small incremental changes, knowing your WHY, doing things that are easy, the biggest barriers, getting family & friends on board, the power of having conversations & technology.

Nic talks about working in the fast moving consumer goods industry for 15 years in which she learned about consumer behavior, how personal wellbeing led to being mindful of changing habits and reducing waste, having freedom of choice, being a Type A personality trying to do too much too fast, being kind & doing better. For more about Nic follow her on Instagram, Facebook &

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