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Mental health, trauma & masculinity with Richie Hardcore

On this episode we talk with Richie Hardcore, educator, key note speaker and activist, working in violence prevention, masculinities, mental health and wellness.

We explore roles, masculinity, what we are taught and conditioned to believe, how culture reinforces toxic behavior, belonging & fitting in, the importance of talking about mental illness & traumas, having role models & guidance, healthy structures & frameworks, how we identify with our stories.

Richie talks about his journey, growing up in a dysfunctional situation, the ebbs and flows of his life, going through depression & mental health unbalances, getting social acceptance, fighting, conflicts & chaos as coping mechanisms & seeking it, the known & comfortable, hitting rock bottom & building back up. For more about Richie find him on Instagram, Facebook &

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:

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