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Money, investing & women empowerment with Victoria Harris

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

On this episode we talk with Victoria Harris, a 30-something Kiwi with over 13 years in the investment and finance industry. She has worked as a Portfolio Manager, managing millions of dollars for clients at a number of NZ's top Fund's Management companies. She has had a dynamic career working in Auckland, London and Sydney. For almost the same amount of time, she has seen the women around her struggle with the confidence to build their finances. The gender finance gap wasn’t the only issue. There was also a gap in the market for places for women to go to have simple conversations about money, and building the future they want. So about 2 years ago, she created The Curve - an investing education platform for women.

We explore financial education and literacy, women empowerment, equality and independence, myths around money and investment, becoming confident and feeling safe, beliefs, habits and conditioning, money and relationships, understanding the financial jargon, what we are investing in, & doing good with our money.

Victoria talks about her journey, helping out some friends and realizing how many other women might benefit from the support and knowledge, finding her passion and being able to make an impact, understanding what brings us value, & finances and communication in relationships. For more about The Curve find them on Instagram, Facebook &

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