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Overcoming blockages & taking action with Sarah Arnold-Hall

Updated: Aug 6

On this episode we talk with Sarah Arnold-Hall, a High Performance Coach who helps people take action and overcome procrastination so they can follow through on their plans and goals.

We explore making changes on the path, what prevents us from taking action, acknowledging & overcoming blockages, working with the mind & the body, allowing & experiencing feelings, procrastination, timing, productivity & rest, hustle & burn out, lateral thinking & win-win situations, being, embodying & doing.

Sarah talks about her journey, thinking of being a psychologist, discovering coaching, the five reasons for not taking action, putting effort to make things effortless, the mini big vision, taking unnecessary steps, giving value as exchange, imposter syndrome. For more about Sarah find her on Instagram, Facebook & Support our podcast & work on Patreon.

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