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Self-responsibility, openness & impact with Briony McKenzie

On this episode we talk with Briony McKenzie, a life and business coach, and founder of Untapped. She’s helped hundreds of humans create and step into their unique path to a meaningful life. Through Untapped coaching programmes, speaking and trainings, Briony empowers ambitious people to connect to their purpose, unlock their true potential and impact the world.

We explore transformation, self discovery, being programmed & conditioned, normalizing unnatural behaviors, the signals our bodies send us, being courageous, getting support, the importance of asking questions, taking radical self-responsibility, trusting the inner voice, working with the unknown, navigating the in-between spaces, the potential and infinite possibilities, trusting life.

Briony talks about her journey, being out of alignment working as a lawyer, starting Untapped and having an awesome team, admitting not being happy, having an epic community, turning over stones, creating certainty within uncertainty, money beliefs, recirculating wealth, the energetics of money. For more about Briony find her on Instagram, Facebook and Support our podcast & work on Patreon.

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:


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