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The Circular Way

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The Circular Way event took place on the 16th October at The Workshop Auckland.

We were honored to host Graedon Parker (co-founder of Organic Mechanic) and Jayden Klinac (founder of For The Better Good) to talk about this interested new approach to business.

When we are more connected with nature we start to see that everything works in a circular way. Nothing is wasted - everything is transformed. We talked a lot about this and how we can look to nature for inspiration when it comes to a circular way.

The Circular Economy is not just a nice concept, it is a way of operating that allows us to take care of each other, the economy AND the planet.

We discussed supply chains, how we can close the loops and how we as consumers can make more conscious decisions when it comes to voting with our dollar.

Not only is this the way of the future, it is also the most natural way we could go.

Some photos from the event:


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