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The middle, journeys & cycles of lives with David Richman

On this episode we talk with David Richman, an author, public speaker, and endurance athlete whose mission is to form more meaningful human connections through storytelling. His first book, Winning in the Middle of the Pack, discussed how to get more out of ourselves than ever imagined. With Cycle of Lives, David shares stories of people overcoming trauma and delves deeply into their emotional journeys with cancer.

We explore self-responsibility vs being a victim, inviting ‘failure’, doing our best for ourselves, comparing with others and people pleasing, being inspired by others, what success is, having the ability to talk about delicate things and having ‘hard’ conversations, the defense mechanisms we develop through trauma.

David talks about his journey, being a successful businessman but having a complicated private life, looking into the mirror and asking honest questions, forgiving himself, how he got into endurance training, the parallels between business and life, experiencing authentic connections, learning about what people are going through really whilst writing his latest book, the stories pf people experiencing cancer. For more about David find him on Instagram, Facebook &

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