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Discover True Vibe and Energetic Alignment

Updated: 2 days ago

In the latest episode of the Conscious Action Podcast, host Brian Berneman welcomed Mary McGonagle to talk about the transformative power of discovering one's True Vibe and Energetic Alignment. This blog post delves into the key insights shared during their discussion and explores how these concepts can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Understanding True Vibe and Energetic Alignment

What is True Vibe?

True Vibe refers to the authentic energy frequency we emit when we are aligned with our true selves. It is the vibration that resonates with our core values, beliefs, and life purpose. When we operate from our True Vibe, we attract experiences and opportunities that are in harmony with our authentic selves.

The Importance of Energetic Alignment

Energetic Alignment involves balancing our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. It means being in sync with our inner truth and maintaining a positive vibration that attracts abundance and wellbeing. Achieving energetic alignment allows us to navigate life with greater ease and purpose.

Overcoming Challenges to Discover Your True Self

Embracing Self-Awareness and Healing

Mary McMonagle emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in personal growth. Our challenges often stem from unresolved childhood beliefs and traumas. By understanding and addressing these deep-seated issues, we can embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery.

"Overcoming life's challenges allows us to connect deeply with our true selves at a soul level." - Mary McMonagle

Facing Fears and Insecurities

Whether stepping into new relationships or launching a business, facing fears and insecurities is crucial. These experiences bring latent issues to the surface, providing opportunities for deep healing.

"Facing fears and insecurities is essential for personal growth and stepping into our true potential." - Mary McMonagle

Practical Steps for Achieving Energetic Alignment

Setting Healthy Boundaries

True healing involves examining old belief systems and setting boundaries. Balancing masculine and feminine energies within ourselves is key to this process.

Practicing Gratitude and Self-Love

They highlight the power of gratitude and self-love in achieving energetic alignment. When we align our energy with positive vibrations, we attract better opportunities and experiences into our lives.

Trusting the Universe

Sometimes, what seems like a setback is actually a redirection towards a more aligned path. Letting go and trusting the universe can open doors to new and fulfilling opportunities.

Embrace Your True Vibe

Discovering True Vibe and Energetic Alignment is a journey of self-awareness, healing, and intentional living. By embracing these concepts, we can create a life that resonates with our authentic selves and attracts the abundance and joy we deserve.

Mary McGonagle is an intuitive healer and feminine energy coach with a passion for guiding high-achieving women toward breaking free from their own limitations and fully embracing their true essence. As the founder of True Vibe, Mary is wholeheartedly devoted to helping individuals unlock their true potential. 

Mary stands out as an influential figure in the realm of intuition and feminine energy coaching. She is the host of the Living Your True Vibe Podcast. Through her podcast, she inspires countless individuals to embrace their true essence and live authentically.

One of Mary's greatest strengths lies in her ability to effortlessly guide her clients from a state of overthinking to a place of heartfelt clarity, allowing them to attract secure relationships and achieve significant growth in both their businesses and personal lives.

In her spare time, you can find her surfing at the Jersey shore or walking her dog Emme.

For more about Mary find her on Instagram, Facebook &

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