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Trust, responsibility & the easiest way with Mabel Katz

Updated: May 29, 2023

On this episode we talk with Mabel Katz, an author, public speaker, internationally acclaimed world peace ambassador, and a recognized leading authority of Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art and practice of problem-solving for achieving happiness and peace. She is the creator of ZeroFrequency®, a way of life that teaches 100% responsibility, forgiveness, and gratitude as a pathway to Zero—the state where we free ourselves from restrictive memories and limiting beliefs so that we may discover our inner talents in pursuit of a more abundant life.

We explore taking responsibility, not waiting until we make changes, being open to the signs from the universe, making conscious decisions, reclaiming our power, letting go of the past, being at peace with our circumstances, forgiveness & gratitude, setting ourselves free, perfectionism, trust, responsibility & expectations, simplicity.

Mabel talks about her journey, waking up and realizing she wasn’t happy even though being ‘successful’, not getting caught up in the drama & stories, the philosophy of Ho’oponopono, solving problems, knowing the universe is conspiring for you, working with children, unlearning to relearn. For more about Mabel find her on Instagram, Facebook &

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