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Values-driven business & holistic approach with Lucy Butler

On this episode we talk with Lucy Butler, HealthPost Executive Director, daughter to founder Linley, mum to Isla and Leo, and a committed enthusiast of natural products and sustainable values. She’s also a trustee of the HealthPost Nature Trust that is helping to restore biodiversity in the environmentally significant area of Onetahua Farewell Spit.

We explore holistic perspectives and decision making, values & purpose, community and stakeholders, the momentum that is happening for change, overall wellbeing, attracting and retaining a team of talented people that care about the work they do, striving for doing and being better, caring for the environment and conservation, partnerships approach to move forward.

Lucy talks about her upbringing, respect for nature, B Corp certification as a high standard for the business, the importance of feedback from customers, making decisions as a family in a conversation, setting up the nature trust to give back and support the regeneration of the land, celebrating the projects and sharing the journey. For more about Lucy and HealthPost follow Facebook, Instagram &

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