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Youth-led climate action with Sophie Handford

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

On this episode we talk with Sophie Handford, climate activist, Kāpiti Coast District Councillor and national coordinator of School Strike 4 Climate NZ.

We explore the importance of doing something with purpose, youth-led movements like the School Strike for Climate Change, taking action now as the cost of inaction is greater to create a more beautiful planet, eco-anxiety and mental wellbeing, looking back to the indigenous people’s way to move forward, the importance of conversations, social and climate justice.

Sophie talks about growing up within an environmental minded family, being curious and asking questions, taking initiative, running for council and being elected at an early age, connecting with the older generations, having the will power to act and save lives. For more about Sophie follow her on Facebook and Instagram and

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:


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