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Zero Waste and Māori worldview with Kahurangi Carter

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

On this episode we talk with Kahurangi Carter, Ngati Maniapoto, Regional Manager at Para Kore Marae Inc. Advocating and educating from a Māori worldview for a world without waste

We explore the māori worldview, disconnection and what that brings about, our connection with the Earth, zero waste, the linear vs circular system, individuality and separation, sharing and community, growing our own food & behavior change.

Kahurangi talks about her Whakapapa, her journey, healing with plants and Rongoā māori, Te Tiriti o Waiting and how to apply it, knowing where your food comes from, auditing ones waste, designing waste out. For more about Kahurangi and Para Kore follow her on Instagram, Facebook &

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:

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