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of the impact of individuals, and their contributions to the collective


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Sound Bath Meditation

24/10 7-8pm | online

Bathe yourself in the sounds of the gong and singing bowls as their frequency and energy will allow you to stay in a meditative state during the session. 

We will tune into the energetics of these times and open up to receiving.

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eco anxiety

18/10 7-8pm | online

Yes, eco-anxiety is a thing for many.

The wellbeing of our mother earth and ours is one and the same.

The more we understand how to stay well and use the energy from the current climate crisis, the more momentum we can build to create change.

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what you can do

25/10 7-8pm | online

During this event we’ll learn about how our habits impact our environment, the sharing and circular economies and what they mean for our future, the different waste streams that we contribute to as individuals, as well as ways to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle and reduce, and have a positive impact in the world.

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fashion revolution

1/11 6:30-9pm | tbc

On the back of the NZ Fashion Week, we are gathering to raise awareness of the need for a Fashion Revolution.

We will watch the 'Fast Fashion' documentary and hear from our panel of guest speakers on the state of the industry and the way forward.

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"Conscious Action events leave you feeling complete and motivated by the knowledge you learn in them.
Their emphasis is on education and discussion which leads to manageable actions, so instead of feeling overwhelmed after their events you feel calm and balanced.
I couldn't recommend Conscious Action events more!"

– Antonia Morris, events attendee

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We're podcasting to raise awareness and inspire meaningful action and we can’t wait to bring you stories, knowledge,
and conversations with thought leaders and change-makers.

We explore topics that range from sustainability to well-being 
and everything related to conscious living and we’re looking forward to bringing you these conversations during these challenging times. 

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holistic therapies

Restore your mind, body and spirit.

Experience in-person or distant sessions of healing techniques including Reiki, Sound baths, Family constellations and more.


guidance & coaching

Are you or your organisation ready to make meaningful changes?

Explore in-person or online programs to move from auto-pilot to a more conscious and aligned way of living.

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Online courses

Practical lifelong, wellbeing pathways for Heart connected conscious living. The teachings are based on world views which help us recognise how we co-create our lives, through our daily thoughts and actions.⁣⠀


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