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6 Simple Ways To Feel Inspired During Covid 19 (& how you can give back):

By Fiona Miller

Even though our everyday lives have changed under lockdown, we’ve still been very lucky in our small corner of the world. As we prepare to make the move to Level 2, here are some simple things you may find comforting, inspiring or helpful during this unsettling time: Support fashion with heart: Ethical fashion label Little Yellow Bird has been making cotton face masks during the crisis and is donating ten meals to migrant workers in India with every mask sold through it’s Meals For Migrants Partnership. The Wellington based business has also provided uniforms to some of its essential service clients. Founded by Samantha Jones, the company was the winner of the Supreme award at the NZI Sustainable Business Awards last year. Check out their ethical clothing range here or read about face masks here.

Photo: Sarah Jean Creative

Create a basic ‘Happiness, Health & Freedom’ guide: Currently in France during the lockdown, environmental activist and adventurer Rob Greenfield has a simple and personal guide created six years ago as something to follow and as a reminder about the basic rules for living a happy and healthy life. Included in the guide are key areas to remember to work on such as Nature, Service, Food and Resource Consciousness. It’s a good reminder about living simply. Apply what is helpful to you or make your own personal guide based on the simple things that you’ve noticed make you feel healthy and happy. https://www.robgreenfield.org/mylife/

Photo: Sierra Ford

Find your Ikigai: Ecostore explores the interesting Japanese concept of Ikigai under the ‘Health and Wellness’ section of their blog.

Ikigai roughly translates to ‘a reason for being’ and can help you bring meaning, satisfaction and purpose to your life. Check out their blog post and put pen to paper to answer the list of questions that can help you find what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning! https://ecostore.com/nz/blog/what-is-ikigai-and-how-to-find-it/

Create yourself a positive ‘green space’: Add a unique touch to your living space, bedroom or desk with some greenery. As we have been working from home and spending a lot more time indoors, adding a leafy green plant or two (in a stylish pot or vase) can make our home a bit nicer to spend time in.

Plants are also good for our mental health. You can order lush green plants online through The Plant Project New Zealand or visit Mood for pots and vases. Or visit your local garden centre once we’re allowed to for tips and inspiration.

Photo: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels Listen to a podcast: Conscious Action’s fourth podcast is with Shay Lawrence, ocean lover and owner of sustainable business Caliwoods. She talks to Brian about why she chose to start her business, her love of nature and the ocean, how to find ourselves during Covid 19 and her travels in Bali.

Shay is also sending an open letter to our leaders about a re-set for the environment with support from organisations such as Ethique, Ecostore, Karma Drinks, Project Blue and many more. You can sign and share here: https://caliwoods.co.nz/pages/covid19-open-letter-calling-for-a-sustainable-economic-re-set

Donate to Unicef NZ:

During this time of crisis, children and families around the country have been in need of food. Unicef New Zealand has teamed up with The Salvation Army in order to raise funds and deliver food to people who are struggling. If you would like to help, please follow the link here.